We are the shop of the traditional Kokeshi & Matryoshka



"We are offering the dream with the wooden dolls."


  The origin of Matryoshka (Russian nesting doll ) was a Japanese nesting doll.  Dating back to1890, a nesting doll of Shichi-fuku-jin (Seven Deities of Good Luck) made in Hakone (Japanese hot spring resort) was brought into Russia and became Matryoshka.  Those wooden dolls were made as children's toys in both countries fist and spread among the adults as the ornaments.  They are quietly in a trend these days.


  We have been promoting the cultural exchange between Japanese and Russian craftsmen whose works have the same roots.  "KOKE-SHKA" and "MATO-KOKESHI" were born as their joint work.


 We named our shop KOKE-SHKA with a hope that this cultural exchange will continue.


  A lot of wooden dolls are displayed in the shop.  They are all hand-made by the craftsmen in The Tohoku Region of Japan and Russia.  We don't carry the products made in the mass-production system.


  Other items such as badge, T-shirt, Tenugui (Japanese handkerchief), letter sets etc. are displayed also for sale.  These general goods are our original items.


  While KOKE-SHKA is a shop, we hope you could feel it like a gallery of the wooden dolls.


  I'm Genqui Numata, the owner of KOKE-SHKA.  I'm a poet, a photographer and make Kokeshi magazine and publish it while runing the shop.

  Unfortunately, the Tohoku Region, a Kokeshi producing district was badly damaged by the big earthquake and tidal waves in 2011.  So I host the events to support Tohoku and meet the craftsmen there as much as I can. 


* We are open from Friday through Monday.*



See you at KOKE-SHKA's shop!

A shop providing the dream with the wooden dolls of Japan and Russia.


Our magazine for sale. Enjoy looking over them at KOKE-SHKA's shop.



1-2-15 Hase Kamakura-City Kanagawa, 2480016 Japan

Phone: 0467-23-6917

Open: Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon

Hour: 11:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.

(En) http://www.kokeshka-en.com/


(Jp) http://www.kokeshka.com


 Kokeshi magazine web site

(En) http://kokeshijidai-en.com/


* Mail order is available only for the books and magazines.  Wooden dolls are sold only at the shop because we want our customers to watch them on their hands.

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