Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial 吉屋信子記念館

Nobuko Yoshiya is a novelist in the middle of 20th century.  She spent her last years in Kamakura and her hose was donated to Kamakura city as a gallery.  Seeing the pictures of the novelists of that age and her house of those days, it would be enjoyable.  But unfortunately it is open for the limited period only.  KOKE-SHKA is across from this gallery.

Kamakura Museum of Literature (Bungaku kan) 鎌倉文学館

This was originally the second house of Marquis Maeda of a distinguished family at the age of BUSHI and/or SAMURAI. Then it is a museum of literature now.



Kamakurabori Gallery 鎌倉彫工芸館

This is a gallery of Kamakura-bori, a Kamakura traditional artwork.  It's near Wadazuka Sta. and we can reach there less than 15-minute walk from here.  Professional craftsmen's works are displayed and sold there.  It would be good to watch the genuine artworks.



There are many places to see in Kamakura, such as beach, mountains, and the historical spots.  So, it's difficult to say which is the best. What we can say is " Walking to the target spot is good, but just walking around until coming across a place you feel attractive would be also good."


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